Meet Fred

Fred decided to go into the publishing business after being a civil engineer and owning multiple radio stations. He and his wife Donna started a bridal magazine, that today is The Tennessee Pink Bride wedding magazine.

30 years later Fred and Donna publish the Pink Bride magazine for Tennessee and produce 12 annual bridal shows and have over 2,500 blog posts about the wedding business on their website - After seeing the changes in the wedding venue category, Fred decided an association for wedding venues was needed. Most recently Fred partnered with Joe Rare to take the Venue Association to the next level.


Meet Joe

A serial entrepreneur and wedding venue owner/partner, Joe has an unparalleled strength in marketing and advertising. Foster growth in venue businesses has become his life's work through his company

He partnered with Fred as a co-owner of The Venue Association and is the driver behind building an incredible benefits program for members. Joe's goal for the organization is help build a community that lifts venue owners up, help them focus on building strong, wildly profitable businesses, that can weather any economic storm.

Our Commitment

The Venue Association promises to be a supporting organization for the needs of venue owners and operators. We will remain a strong community focused on sharing the strategies to building profitable businesses and delivering high-quality services to clients. We will be your sounding board for ideas, provide access to leaders in the industry and hold the highest integrity and transparency for all members.

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